What the attendees thought of Trainhack 2018

"Great destination"


Trainhack isn't just about trains, or hacking.

Trainhack is a hackathon that invites a group of creative nerds and enthusiasts on a train ride where the participants are tasked to create something that improves public transit. The event’s purpose is to spread knowledge of open data and APIs by creating a unique, challenging and above all fun event for the problem solvers and hackers in a wide range of communities.
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Last event

Read all about what happend at this years event.

  • Venue & times

    The event started 18:00 on October 25th at Kollektivtrafikens Hus AB in Stockholm, and finished at the same location some time mid day on October 27th. Thursday 2018-10-25

    • 17:30 – The doors open

    • 18:00 – Welcome

    •             – Inlandsbanan

    •             – Trafiklab

    •             – Trafikverket

    •             – 46elks

    •             – Savea

    •             – Västtrafik

    •             – Oxyfi

    •             – IBM

    •             – Icomera

    • 18:55 – Food and get to know the people.

    • 20:00 – Teamup process

    • 21:00 – Team-registration

    • 22:00 – Train boarding

    Friday 2018-10-26

    • 08:16 – Arrival in Åre

    • 08:26 – Walk to Venue (1,6 km)

    • 09:00 – Breakfast

    • 12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

    • 18:00 – Dinner

    • 20:18 – Train boarding Åre

    Saturday 2018-10-27

    • 06:30 – Exit train

    • 07:00 – Breakfast

    • 10:30 – Presentations

    •            – Team Gangozero

    •            – Team Standout

    •            – Team Railsonance

    •            – Team Forefront m. kompisar

    •            – Team Qrier

    •            – Team KTKodapor

    •            – Team Trainiacs

    •            – Team undefined is not an Object

    •            – Team De olympiska spelen

    •            – Team unladen.me

    •            – Team Destination unknown

    • 11:30 – Lunch

    • 12:30 – Prize Ceremony

    • 13:00 – End of Trainhack 2018

    • 16:00 – End of after event mingle

  • Teams

    If you already have a team, then you’re all set. If you don’t, well not to worry. Once you’ve signed up for the event you’ll get access to our Slack channel where you can form a team or join an existing one. We will also host a meetup at the beginning of the event where people can get familiar with each other and give everyone a change to join a team before the hacking begins. Of course if you’d like to work alone you are welcome to do so, but we definitely recommend you joining a team, if not simply for the great people you get to know and work with. See what the teams did this year! 

  • Terms

    All intellectual property rights to entries and/or work created at Trainhack 2018 belongs to the participants. Participants agrees to treat all persons in the event equally and not cause physical or psychological discomfort to anyone during the event. All participants agrees to follow all safety instructions during the event, as well as respecting the alcohol serving licence rules.


  • Prizes

    Obviously we can’t spoil anything about this years prizes, except we are working on providing prizes that are at least as awesome as last years event. Speaking of which, last years 1st place winners were sent to Finland with accommodations paid for and tickets to attend Junction 2017 (where they actually won as well!). Now even if you didn’t manage to win 1st place you were able to win some truly great prizes, including any of the following:

    • First class travel with a visit to the best restaurant wagon in all of Sweden, curtesy of Blå Tåget.

    • Study visits that included both dinner and time to hang out, arranged by Oxyfi, Icomera and Samtrafiken / Trafiklab.

    • Free train tickets provided by SJ AB.

    • Gift cards to buy any tech you’d like, curtesy of SilverRail.

    • IoT devices like Adafruit Feather, provided by m.nu.

    • A quad copter to play around with.

    • Exclusive T-shirts.

    See what the teams did this year! 

  • More than prizes

    A great hackathon isn’t just about prizes. Even if we all look forward to winning something, in the end it’s all about the experience. That’s why we focus on great food, comfort and making sure we create a memorable experience for you as an attendee. Both last year, and this year, m.nu offers all hackers 250 SEK to buy anything from their shop, with delivery directly to your seat on the train.

    • Custom Trainhack T-shirt

    • Comfy slippers

    • Fresh bedsheets

    • New comfy pillow

    • Personal hand towel

  • Travel to & from the event

    SJ offered 50% of the ticket price to travel to and from the event.

  • Food at the event

    Be sure to specify any food allergies or preferences while you purchase your ticket(s), that way we can make sure there is enough proper food for everyone.

  • Destination this year was Åre

    Trainhack Åre

  • In social media

    You find Trainhack related stuff under #Trainhack2018 Twitter account for Trainhack is @TrainhackSE. You can checkout our facebook page if you would like to post something on our wall. Have a look at the foto collections from 2017 and 2016 a to get a feeling of what the event is about.  


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