Tågtripp (by Kreativjos)

The goal of Tågtripp was to be an automated travel agancy with the environment in mind. We as a prouct owner add a main attraction, it could for example be Liseberg. We add a city, a beatiful image of the attraction and the price to enter that attraction. After that it will appear in the search result whenever a user would like to travel to Gothenburg. We then combine trainroutes with price and hotels with price. The next step for this project should be to allow the user to buy entrance to the main attraction, the train tickets and also pay for the hotel at once using this product.

We use Trafiklabs API to find train routes. APIs from https://amadeus.com/en to find information and prices for hotels. We use https://biljettpriser.nu to get price information for the train routes.

It is currently available at https://tagtripp.herokuapp.com. We didn’t do any asynchronously requests and some APIs to get price information was really slow. So you may get a heroku timout page once in a while but we use heavy caching for those APIs, so just reload and it should work.